Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kerri Hilson Disses Beyonce&Ciara wow

Kerri Hilson's new remix of "turnin you off" is a apparent diss directed at Beyonce and ciara.I don't know where or how this beef started but KHil is obviously a little salty at these 2 woman for a reason. I heard this started on a blog somewhere(why does this not suprise me) Kerri is really venting her current thoughts on bey and Ciara and of course Blok-Tv has the exclusive news as it unfolds

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ray-J contestants Uncensored Danger& Stilts

I told you i would be back with the uncut pictures of the beautiful Monica leon aka danger and sharee English aka Giana taylor Stilts from for the love R ray-J
The Official full catalog is coming to you right now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

For the Love of Ray-J contestants EXPOSED

It's seems like the ladies from the show For the love of Ray-J are getting exposed more and more everyday
First "Stilts" aka Sharee English was exposed for being still married. It turned out that she was married to a Porn director and of course yes Sharee now to found out as aka Giana Taylor is a porn director as well. Giana has dozens upon dozens of pictures of herself nude all over the internet and of course Blok Tv found them.. Ray-j's casting director sure can pick em huh? Staying with that story "Danger" aka Monica Leon bka Baby Momma(she recently stated publicly that ray-J had gotten her pregnant while they were filming the show is now backtracking her statements. She is now saying Ray-J did not get her pregnant. Hmmmmm and it was revealed that Danger has even hotter pics on the net of her nude,performing masturbation and doing spread shots of her coochie..Danger was also quoted on a radio interview a few months back as saying she was a "former prostitute" that has "ducked d..k for nothing as well as "10,000 dollars" whewww and let me be the first to tell you after seeing those pics if i was Ray-j I would make sure these were the last ladies standing on that final elimination day. RECOUNT


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