Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Natalie Nunn exposes Amber Rose text messages On U-stream and calls her fake

Story by Cuban Cigarra

We all know That Natalie Nunn was dealing with Wiz Khalifa and now Wiz is reportedly dating Amber Rose. Well last night the sexy Nat Nunn went in on Amber Rose. Calling her fake saying that it was Amber who approached her first with fakeness and exchanged numbers with her. Check out this U-stream from last night  damn Natalie is hilarious  forward to 42.00 minutes where Natalie starts telling and showing Text messages from Allegedly from Rose

§§§§ Ghost Rider Radio™ Blog §§§§: 50 Cent - Takes Credit For Shutting World Star Hip Hop Down and Getting It Seized By Homeland Security. WTF? (Publicity Stunt)

§§§§ Ghost Rider Radio™ Blog §§§§: 50 Cent - Takes Credit For Shutting World Star Hip Hop Down and Getting It Seized By Homeland Security. WTF? (Publicity Stunt)

Monday, January 17, 2011



THE TRUTH INDEED: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE URBAN MODELING INDUSTRY: "Urban modeling is some bullshit and anyone who decides to get inside this industry has no idea. Men who pick up urban magazines and look at ..."


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amber Rose kisses Rosa Acosta Rihanna says her and Nicki Minaj are Sex Partners

Amber Rose was hanging out in Beso last night in Hollywood waiting on her pal Rosa Acosta they had lunch and left together but before they did they kissed for the camera before jumping into a stretch suv. Earlier that night Rihanna was asked about her and Nicki living together and Rhi Rhi  let us know they are just "sex partners

Wow I just got a vision   Note look at the difference in the amount of cameras snapping when Amber went in and when Rosa went in lol. Then look at Rosa's face when she left with Amber and all the flashes were going off it's like Rosa was amazed

Drake implying that Jay-z and Kanye is copying him and weezy

Wow all of that frontin like they love each other and it's all good. Drake was on ole 2faced Tim Westwood's radio show and basically implied that Jay-z and Kanye copied him and Lil Wayne's idea of coming out with a duet album. Drake referred to Jay and Kanye as "Those other guys" Now watch Tim Westwood who has constantly had Jay-z on his show to boost his ratings watch how he instigates and actually calls Jay-z and Kanye "old trying to act young'

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jersey Shore's Angelina in fight in Atlantic City

Late last year, we told you that the hot-tempered Angelina Pivarnick got involved in an impromptu brawl at the Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City. Angie was scheduled to wrestle fellow reality starlet Kerry Schwartz (from VH1's "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair"), she became distracted when a feisty girl, Melissa Mayne, got all up in her grill. We still don't know who started the altercation, but TMZ just posted footage from the fight, and Angie, well, she definitely had no problem tossing around a few nasty expletives (not to mention Mayne's cell phone). Check it out:

Rumor Alert Sammi and Ronnie From Jersey Shore are done (yeah right)

Looks as though Sammi and Ronnie of the popular reality tv show Jersey Shore has finally called it quits (again). According to a source The on again off again couple broke up during this season and has not gotten back together. " it is very real this time and i woud be surprised if they got back together this time"  the source said.

we will see... I beg to differ

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian to star in Super Bowl Advert

Kim Kardashian To Star In Superbowl Advert
Photo: Splash News
Kim Kardashian is one of the world's most famous reality TV stars and it is her star status that has landed her an advert spot within the Superbowl ad breaks.

The Superbowl ad breaks are highly coveted spots as the February event is watched my millions across America.

has reported that Kim has recorded an advert for footwear brand Sketchers and the socialite revealed the news for herself on her official website.

She wrote: "I can finally reveal that the top-secret commercial I've been working on recently is my Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl ad!!! (sic)."

Of the advert, Kim revealed: "I have to break someone's heart in the end. You'll have to wait and see why!"
Kim - A face for TV...


Khloe Kardashian says "kim and Kanye are boning"

After months of speculations of weather she is dating Kanye West,Kim Kardashians little sister seemed to answer the question for us. Kim had been quoted by MTV as saying "me and kanye are having lots of fun" Khloe than added "that's cause they're boning"  Kim quickly injected and said "that came from Khloe's mouth not mine"

But.... She didn't deny it either.  notice that?

Chris Brown Slaps Paps? Uh Oh


If this is true  Chris Brown may be headed for more trouble. A Paparazzi asked C-Breezy about Raz-b and Chris felt need to smack the camera of the paparazzi. Chris then went on to call the man a "queenie"  by saying "ya'll niggas are queenies'  wow Chris are you trying to ruin your Career?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Superhead says "Me and Jigga hooked up while he was with Beyonce"

Karrine Steffans has came out and said that her and Jay-z was getting it in prior to him getting married but while he was dating Beyonce. I know Karrine has been called many things but she ha never really been known to lie on her cooca

Rihanna says " Sex" is her New Years Resolution

My homie Carlton Jordan  www.carltonjordan.com hit me with this..http://carltonjordan.com/2011/01/06/rihannas-new-years-resolution-is-sex/

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exclusive Jennifer Williams Nude pics

Basketball wives star Jennifer Williams nude pics leaked (yeah ok) on the internet.. Damn J will got a crazy rack on her she  even got a spread shot wooo.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Want Hank Baskett to Profit From Her Sex Tape

Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Want Hank Baskett to Profit From Her Sex Tape


I could not believe this when i saw it. My friends over at Blksportsonline hit me with this story. I was in love with Kendra Wilkerson but after hearing this.. wow Hank grow a pair

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jay-Z performs with Kanye West and brings out Chris Martin

Lord what is this man always doing to his hair

Kim Kardashian reportedly gets 100k to host New Years Eve Party in Vegas

I had heard rumors about it  so i decided to say forget rumors. I have a close friend that works in bookings at Tao in Vegas and they told me Kim Cleared 100k for her appearance at Tao nightclub for New Years Eve.  wow talking about Hustling go head Kimmie. Check out some of the hot pics from  the party.. Kim reportedly cleared closed to 10 million in earnings in 2010. wow


Jets Coach wife with black dude on internet


Michelle Ryan

Ok this is getting freakier and freakier. Jets head coach Rex Ryan a few weeks ago leaked some videos of him and his wife  revealing he had a foot fetish. Well before that could blow over semi nude pics of his wife have now been leaked on the net as well as pictures of her with a african american male playing with her feet...
You tell me  us this really Michelle Ryan? Well Rex did not deny it

Lil Kim &Mary j Blige to diss Nicki and Keyshia Cole?

Ok seems like I heard this in this clip. Nicki Minaj new song with Keyshia Cole can be taken by a lot of people as subliminal shots to Lil Kim. Now Lil Kim says that her and Mary are working on something to "eat these bitches alive"Does this mean a diss record to Nicki and Keyshia? What do you think?

Kim Kardashian debuts new song

Kim Kardashian is now officially an artist. Her new song "Turn it up" she is currently working on a video for

Skillz The Rap up 2010

Well everyone finds their nitch. This is the only time you ever want to hear from Skillz lol.

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