Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poll: Which Model Should Be The Heaven Hollywood Queen Of The Blogsites 2009?

Poll: Which Model Should Be The Heaven Hollywood Queen Of The Blogsites 2009?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

getting tropical withFiesty From Vh1 for the love of Ray-j

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Elizabeth mendez aka Fiesty from VH1 FOR THE LOVE OF RAY-J. I asked to interview MS Tropical because i was down in south beach for the American Black Film Festival with my company Bloktv..So i called fiesty and she agreed right away. I went down to south beach and fiesty were to meet us at wet willies. She arrived early she had her two b.f.f's and business partners jenny and adrianna with her. All 3 girls were very hot and fiesty although she is a party girl is very very inteligent(don't get it twisted).After the interview fiesty invited us to the Tantra nightclub on south beach and we ask would she special guest host our show that night with the Blok parties host the lovely Nook. Fiesty agreed and what took place next totally took me by suprise. Fiesty and her friends had a limo courtesy of projectx miami.com's own javier. She then instead of doing what all of the other celebs,reality stars and say"film her coming out of the limo she said"you guys get in the limo with us". We then rode to the club and she got us in the club bypassing the steep 25.00 charge she also got us in out of dress code(i had on shorts, t-shirt sneakers and hat. Fiesty then instead of saying like all of our celebs (that we gave love to and help blow them up on and offline) "hey film us in vip's" she got us a table with her and her freinds free grey goose bottle after bottle after bottle fiesty was partying down, and treating bloktv like guest not press. I think a lot of celebrities from a list to no list can learn a lot from fiesty aka elizabeth mendez aka ms tropical, she is a young lady who has a lot going for her(you will see her again shortly in a major major event or magazine(wink)she still has not let anything keep her from being humble or gracious. thank you Fiesty for not trying to be Hollywood like some of these other so called stars and stars, but by just being a person that treats press the way they would want to be treated.. here are some more pics enjoy

The Black Laverne and Shirley are takin the internet world by storm

Kiki&Claude is back with yet another little teaser from their new sitcom. Lynn Hill&Valarie Dennis play 2 young african american roomates trying to make it in the entertainment industry, by going to every single party and club known to man in new york city and new jersey that they can get to, all while holding down a regular 9to5 job. Kiki(lynn hill aka Lynn Whitfield jr) is a cable tv represent and Claude (valarie dennis) is a security guard. The sitcom and based and shot out of Brooklyn.The two very funny and talented females tackle a lot of realistic and contreversial issues in the entertainment busines stemming from rape,to blackmail to getting thrown out of nightclubs&stalking but never losing the comedic value of the show.It has been dubbed as the black laverne n shirley although people of all ages,genders and races have been going crazy over kiki&claude."If you like REALity tv? you will tune into kiki and claude because it will have you tuning in every episode for more, i have only seen clips and i am already thirsty for more" Bruce Bruce" Kiki and Claude plans to launch this fall. www.youtube.com/bloktv www.myspace.com/keyanclawz

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Overproof Radio Interview Shyan Ellis

Check out the Double Threat Model/actor Shyan Ellis

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kerri Hilson Disses Beyonce&Ciara wow

Kerri Hilson's new remix of "turnin you off" is a apparent diss directed at Beyonce and ciara.I don't know where or how this beef started but KHil is obviously a little salty at these 2 woman for a reason. I heard this started on a blog somewhere(why does this not suprise me) Kerri is really venting her current thoughts on bey and Ciara and of course Blok-Tv has the exclusive news as it unfolds

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ray-J contestants Uncensored Danger& Stilts

I told you i would be back with the uncut pictures of the beautiful Monica leon aka danger and sharee English aka Giana taylor Stilts from for the love R ray-J
The Official full catalog is coming to you right now.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

For the Love of Ray-J contestants EXPOSED

It's seems like the ladies from the show For the love of Ray-J are getting exposed more and more everyday
First "Stilts" aka Sharee English was exposed for being still married. It turned out that she was married to a Porn director and of course yes Sharee now to found out as aka Giana Taylor is a porn director as well. Giana has dozens upon dozens of pictures of herself nude all over the internet and of course Blok Tv found them.. Ray-j's casting director sure can pick em huh? Staying with that story "Danger" aka Monica Leon bka Baby Momma(she recently stated publicly that ray-J had gotten her pregnant while they were filming the show is now backtracking her statements. She is now saying Ray-J did not get her pregnant. Hmmmmm and it was revealed that Danger has even hotter pics on the net of her nude,performing masturbation and doing spread shots of her coochie..Danger was also quoted on a radio interview a few months back as saying she was a "former prostitute" that has "ducked d..k for nothing as well as "10,000 dollars" whewww and let me be the first to tell you after seeing those pics if i was Ray-j I would make sure these were the last ladies standing on that final elimination day. RECOUNT


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caviar" Speaks out on Ray J and His show

Elizabeth aka "caviar" formally of For the love of Ray-J has officially broken her silence To Heaven Hollywood and Blok-Tv. Ole "fish eggs" joined in with Blok-tv as they were doing a in studio session at strong island radio in Long island new york. Caviar dished it out and spoke on the subject of her getting eliminated for the first time and shed some light on the contrversal departure. Blok tv and Heaven Hollywood(of course who else) had the scoop first as the russian born model chimed in to the show. "Let me tell you what happen when the cameras went off" Liz buzzed she also said"She was totally shocked" about something and tune in to Blok-tv because tommorow they will have this interview in it's entierity.
www.bloktv.com http://bloktv.ning.com/profiles/blog/list www.strongislandhiphop.com www.allthatsfab.com the first time a interview was broadcasted simultaineously for 4 websites

The Black laverne and shirley,Finally a REALity show have you seen it?

Keya &Clawz is the new comedy show that will be appearing on the I.E network this spring. It is a show about to young African American females(not rich, not with executive jobs) grinding and struggling every day to get into the entertainment industry while holding down regular 9to5 jobs. Keya&Clawz are roomates who share a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn New York to save on money and cost. Keya works a regular office job(collections) while Clawz is a security guard in a depeartment store in downtown brooklyn.They struggle with the everyday”M” issues that black women and young women in general struggle with these days ,money,men,menstrual and makeup. The show is a throwback to the old laverne and shirley type sitcoms.(real sitcoms) and even more so because it’s dealing with thiese times in 2009. Keya&Clawz has already been dubbed”The Black laverne&shirley with a touch of friends yet in the interesting manner that these days “reality shows” seem to have on america. In the end you will see that the “black laverne& shirley will win over not just the african americans in society but all people these days who just miss turning on tv and seing that good old fashion comedy sitcom.

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