Sunday, June 1, 2014

Live!! Hot 97 Summer Jam Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne,50 Cent,Nas

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

50 Cent " He loved Ciara, He would smash Ashanti now Beyonce ran up on him, Jay-z don't like Floyd

50 Cent is has never been known to hold his tongue  so in his recent interview with The Breakfast Club it was interesting to here him admit to being in Love with Ciara. He also told about a time where Beyonce was about to get at him  in defense of Jay-z. 50 also said Jay-z does not like Floyd Mayweather 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Pop Superstar is Rumored to have a secret Child by a Well Known Rapper/Exec?

So there are rumors going around that  >> 6 years ago when she was first signed to Def jam  that she got pregnant ( whuttttt?) and allegedly the father was an exec from the label that WE ALL KNOW.They say that before the rumors of the pregnancy 

Was on the back burner . Then she went back to Barbados for 9 months. When she returned she  was the then exec's number 1 project . The exec felt with his worldwide celebrity status he could take her to another level. Well all that happened 6 years ago, just rumors right? Well recently ^^^ she has  been seen with a little  boy that looks to be around 5 or 6 and the two look pretty close.. Sidebar  the little boy looks exactly like that former def Jam executive   Source

Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Hollywood Star was attacked today?

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Maleficent Premiere - H 2014
 Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

UPDATED: Police say Vitalii Sediuk jumped onto the red carpet and made contact wit

Another day another stalker in the land of Hollyweird. Vitali Sediuk has been taken into police custody and has been accused of attacking Brad Pitt

Are these People out of their damn minds? How do these insane ass losers get in these events?Time after time we hear about these stalkers  coming  celebrities property, getting pass their guards, somehow getting there personal Emails  I mean where is the security?

Read and Decide

Jay-z Thinks Julius Smashing His Wife?

Jay-Z Julius Beyonce

We have heard several stories over the years about Beyonce creeping with her Body Guard Julius. The two together seem  to have so much chemistry and you can tell  by the way he left Jay-z in the elevator for Solange to finish whaling on his ass  that Julius only cares about Beyonce  and that's it     Read it and Decide

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6 interesting tidbits about Kim and Kanye's wedding

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Here are 6 interesting Tidbits about the wedding of the year  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye Wedding Pics and Kiss Exclusive

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding kiss

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Maxim Hot 100 list No black women in the top 10

Candice Swanepoel

No Black Females made the Top 10 of Maxim's annual Top 100 list. Rihanna? No she was #11  Beyonce? No she didn't even make top 20 she was 21 . Candice Swanepool,Scarlett Johansson,Katy Perry,Irina Shayk, and Jennifer Lawrence round out the top 5. Take a look at the Rest of the list

Top 100

So Kendall Jenner is on the list but Kim Kardashian isn't? Miley Cyrus is hotter than Kim Kardashian?  I smell haters

Charlie Sheen Vs Rihanna Twitter War continues


Charlie Sheen Rihanna

I don't think Rhi Rhi  ( as much as I love her) wants it publicly with Charlie Sheen. OK apparently Charlie was out at a resty the other night with his fiance Scottine  when he found out that Rihanna was there he sent over a request for the singer to meet his girl because she was a big fan. Charlie says but he was denied by the singer  because she said " there were to many paps outside  so not at this time"  Whoa!!!  That sent Charlie into a frenzy  on twitter and then a back and forth war of twitter  words. Check out what Charlie had to say about Rhi  and then her Response....

Charlie Sheen Twitter Rant

Rihanna's Twitter response

Well Charlie was not going to be quiet and returned this shot at Rihanna 

Charlie Responds To RIhanna

Do You think Rihanna was disrespectful in not meeting Charlie's Fiance?

Exclusive! Floyd Mayweather Explains What Happen With T.I

Tiny and Floyd Mayweather

Shout out to Necole Bitchie.Com for this drop.. Floyd Mayweather has revealed the story of why he and T.I got into that altercation and reveals that T.I has approached him about Tiny before just two weeks ago. He also confirms what we thought we knew  that T.I and Tiny are separated. Listen to this interview by Necole Bitchie
Necole Bitchie

Exclusive! T.I and Mayweather Fight Over TI's Wife Tiny

Tiny tweet

Vegas is buzzing after video of Rapper T.I and Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather  got into an altercation in Vegas Sunday Morning. Reports say T.I approached Mayweather while he was at Fatburger eating and started yelling at Floyd  it eventually  resulted in a all out brawl.  Even though it was not initially stated what sparked the fight,earlier TI's wife estranged wife Tiny posted pics on her Instagram with Floyd and we all know how Possessive  Tip is over Tiny

Tiny and Floyd Mayweather

Tiny and Iyanna

Tiny with Floyd's Daughter


Kanye and Kim Officially Married

kim kardashian wedding dress kanye west

Congratulations to the Happy couple who were married yesterday in Florence Itlay.  Here is the story 
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Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Billboard Awards Full Coverage

The 2014 Billboard awards came equipped with everything from  Hot unique designs, a Kardashian classic screw up a J-Lo classic performance and The King brought back from the Dead..  This years awards will surely be talked about for years to come

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beyonce and Jay-z Trailer "On The Run"

So Jay-z and Beyonce are doing  their best to make us all forget about the fight last week in the elevator between Jay- and his sister in Solange Click here if you forgot
Now the couple on the cust of their " On the Run tour" have released  a trailer for the tour

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Did Openly Gay Football Michael Sam Use The NFL?

Michael Sam keeps saying to us " I just want to be Michael Sam the Football player not Michael Sam the "Gay football player"  Oh really Mikey?  well you have been nothing short of a walking contradiction  since you  came out of the closet  in February of  this year.  Tonight we discuss  Did Michael Sam use the NFl and trick them  into drafting him? 

Also Why is Michael Sam  loved for being openly gay but despise Tim Tebow for being openly a devoted christian?  6pm  646-595-4038  Sports Lies and Videotapes only on Dollhouse Radio

Click here for Show

Friday, May 16, 2014

H.H Exclusive !Jay-z and Beyonce heading for Splittsville after Tour?

Getty Images/Splash News

I told you prepare for a bomb to drop  in the form of Jay-z and Beyonce's marriage  and word on The Blok is the two are seriously considering calling it quits  after the On The Run tour. A source says "This originally was supposed to be called the "Mr and Mrs Carter tour, but truth be told Jay and Bey have been having problems in their marriage since Beyonce's Super Bowl Appearance 2 years ago" But this tour could  gross them a half a billion dollars  so they are not about to let anything jeopardize that"...  Keep your eye on this

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Report: The Standard Hotel has fired the Person responsible for leaking Jay- Solange footage

Standard Hotel Fires Employee Who Leaked Jay Z & Solange Knowles Elevator Fight Video

I'm sorry I still think it was the  Hotel who actually leaked the tape for money and they are just trying to act as though they fired someone

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Rachel Roy,Rihanna or Both? The Reason Solange came to the defense of Her sister

The Theories Keep rolling in about what happen  to spark the fight between Solange and Jay-z inside the Elevator of the Standard Hotel but here is one that is pretty close to the one that e reported..     We previously were the first site reporting  that  this fight between Solange and Jay-z stemmed from a female maybe even  Rihanna  Remember? If you Forgot Click Here

We then got an  exclusive Dm from a party goer who attended the Gala and  after party at the Boom Boom Room and she confirmed our suspicions and even took it further  and recounted what Solange said to Beyonce  that night  Click Here If you Forgot

Now we get even more news  and now the story is starting to come together. Numerous sites reported earlier that night that Solange had an altercation with Rachel Roy designer and former wife of Dame Dash  Jay-z's former partner and friend..   additional reports say that Solange was mad saying that " Jay-z and Rachel was too close    hmmm  Click here

Rachel Roy & Gabby Union 

Exclusive!! Party Goer Recaps what she saw taken Place between Beyonce,Solange and Jay-z


While the spin doctors aka The Pr Reps try to put out every story to detour you from the dirt that they are trying to kick under the rug, A party Goer who was in attendance recounts what happened at the Met Gala after party

This is a exclusive tweet from  Shannon Dolan  She is the niece of a  Sony executive. She reported  exactly what she saw and heard.

This is the deal This is something that took place at one of the after parties remember Solange has not really trust jay-zMay 1
since all that rihanna stuff was going on, Solange was telling Beyonce "I saw him" i saw him" and was telling her about somebody and jay-z Now Heav I don't want to say i heard everything I did not but it was definitely about a female because she said something like " if you want to be a fool go ahead the word out is Jay has been questioned several times before especially about Rihanna who again was there at The Galanow a few people say that Beyonce said something to him and jay kinda grabbed her arm but I did not see that so I'm not saying that Heavbut what I did see and here over the music was Solange saying i saw him i saw him you gonna continue to be a f..n fool?
f you also look at the video solange was yelling at Beyonce about something and all Beyonce did was put her head down
I'm trying to ask some ppl who were closer but i was pretty close
But it was definitely defending Beyoncethat's All i know heav i'm sorry

What could Solange have been telling Beyonce that she saw " Him" doing? I'm pretty sure "Him" was Jay-z and what could Jay-z have been doing that Solange took as disrespect to Beyonce ? Does this have anything to do with Rihanna? or someone else? Developing


We Told you Jay and Bey was having problems over other women

Not that it is a surprise to us  but multiple stories have now come out about what it was that sent Solange over the edge and made her attack her brother in law  Jay-z  inside the Elevator of the Standard Hotel ..  We reported here that a very reliable source who was at the Gala about 10 ft from Beyonce and Jay-z saw this developing and heard Solange say to Beyonce " I saw him  I saw him" as in she saw Jay-z.. Now comes out with a article about what it was that could have sent Solange over the edge..

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Breaking News: Solange Attacks Jay-z Over Jay-z Disrespecting Beyonce ( Video)

By now  you have all seen the surveillance video of Solange attacking Jay-z in a elevator  coming from the Met Gala.. well Sources very close to the situation has revealed  that Jay-z disrespected her sister Beyonce at the Met Gala and  Solange was telling Beyonce  You not gonna say something  but I am gonna say something." Solange apparently was taking up for Beyonce and scolding her about something she saw Jay-z do at the Met Gala..    The source says it may very well have something  to do  with The recent signing of Rihanna  who is now under the total control of Jay-z.  We will keep am eye on this story.  BTW Rihanna was present at the Gala.  DEVELOPING

Update:  A few people have said something a long the lines of Jay-z grabbing Beyonce  at the Gala after party  but I have yet to confirm that

Here is after the fight as all 3 leave the Elevator  watch as Beyonce' gets into car with her sister and Jay-z  gets into separate car

MY WORD:  Every time there is a  big fight in public  Rihanna and them platinum goodies is somewhere in the mist

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lydia Nam exposes Dream as an abuser

Isn't this the girl he cheated on Christina Milian with? Well now she is coming out and saying he is an abuser. If you missed that Click Here   Well Dream came out and denied those claims so Lydia Nam is producing  some proof.
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Rhymes with Snitch | Celebrity | Entertainment News : Transsexual Exposes Eddie Murphy?

I always rode out for you Eddie but too many stories coming back for years now 

Rhymes with Snitch | Celebrity | Entertainment News : Transsexual Exposes Eddie Murphy?: A transexual female who goes by the name of Honey Dip Ashton and claims she's had a sexual relationship with Eddie Murphy since she w...

Do you believe this  or nah?

Rhymes with Snitch | Celebrity | Entertainment News : Brandon Jennings to Teyana Taylor: Let It Go

Wow Take a Look at Brandon Jennings Point Guard for The Detroit Pistons  he stole Nelly's girl and then dumped Teyana Taylor for her   check this out

Rhymes with Snitch | Celebrity | Entertainment News : Brandon Jennings to Teyana Taylor: Let It Go: Earlier this week Teyana Taylor gave her side of the story in the messy triangle between her ex-fiancé, Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings,...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reese Witherspoon to Cara DeleVingne " How the **** Do You Pronounce yor name


4 Hot girls in an elevator ? Well you got that in the Elevator of  The Met Gala. Reese Witherspoon Kate Upton,Zooey Deschanel and Cara Delevingne were all drinking  a little something something and having some girl talk on the elevator. Check out these sexy ass women Click Here

Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Willow's pic with topless man


We knew this was going to Happen. One or both of the parents  would rush to the defense of Willow and come up with some B.S about how this picture was not sexual     click and Listen

Willow Smith In Bed with 20 year old in pic

OK this is really weird   13 year-old Willow Smith is photoed here  with 20 year  old Moises Arias in a bed. Moises appears to be naked or at least topless. Now word is going around that Moises is actually Willow's Boyfriend.  NO comment has been confirmed   Click Here

Kim Kardashian's Bridal shower (pics)

Embedded image permalink

With all the talk about Kimye's wedding  she  stepped into her bridal shower today  looking so amazingly sexy. Take a look at some of the pics Click Here

If there is a finer woman pound for pound  please point her out to me

Friday, May 9, 2014

Trouble for Khloe and French Montana Already


I am sorry I like  French Montana and all but Not for Khloe. I think they are on two different levels. Now sources say they are already having "issues"    From what I am being told  Khloe and Frenchy went out for a dinner date in Beverley hills and  Khloe had to foot the 600.00 tab. People close to the sit.. are saying "He doesn't treat Khloe nice and you can tell he is only in it  for her money and to say he is smashing Khloe Kardashian"    He does not really care for Khloe"  wow!!  check out the story
Click Here

I told y'all! This is not going to work  Khloe and French are in 2 different tax brackets

Khloe and French Montana Spotted in Vegas for Mayweather Fight

Forgive me If I just can't get use to accepting Khloe Kardashian and French Montana as a couple. I mean French Montana is cool but come on man  this is Khloe Kardashian. I know you like black dudes Khloe and trust me  I am available, hell we can even sign  a pre nup while we are just dating. I wont need your money  as long as you sign a MEHUMPSHEWILL agreement lol  meaning you will only hump me.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mariah Carey's hot Photoshoot with Terry Richardson ( A message to Nick?)

If you didn't know any better you would think Mariah was a single woman  Well word on the Blok is that she will be single  before the year is up. But!! I ain't one to Gossip so you didn't hear it from me  No you didn't!



New Hip Hop Redman is Back 'Dunfiato" Yes Lyrics are back Reggie Noble Killing every rapper

I have always said that Redman was one of the top 10 rappers in the history of Hip Hop. With Muddy waters 2 due to come out later this year  he  gives us a little taste of what we will be hearing. Check out the lyrical fire he releases in this joint called "Dunfiato"  These rappers  better take notes and run for cover  a real emcee is in the building

Mariah ready to send Nick Cannon Packing


Didn't I tell everybody that Mariah would not be too happy with that interview Nick Cannon gave to Big Boy? Sources say Mimi is ready to end her 6 year marriage with Mr Nickelodeon . " Mariah felt  as though the interview was unnecessary and immature .   " Mariah wants to end the marriage but she is cautious about Nick trying to get a piece of her 515 million dollar fortune..

What do you think? Was Nick's Interview the last straw  for Mariah ?    

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MYA Live wow!!!

She still got it,  hell she never lost it! Mya checked  in with Dollhouse Radio  and she sent in her new single  and talked about   how she has maintained as a indie artist, the Illuminati and speaks on why she has not gotten plastic surgery

Friday, May 2, 2014

Donald Sterling Speaks out For the first time


As Per Heaven
Click Here  To find out what Donald Sterling  said 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mayweather Shades Nelly and His Ex


Nelly  is Reportedly with Shantel " Ms" Jackson  the former fiance  of Floyd Money Mayweather
and Floyd is going down swinging. Look what Floyd had to say about his former boo
Click Here

Nelly need to leave this chick alone, she obviously out for the bread

Porn Star Of The Day GIanna Michaels

My favorite porn star now that Olivia O Lovely is retired  is without a doubt Gianna Michaels. OMG  I never wanted to F..k a porn star so bad. The tall sexy sassy porn queen from Seattle Washington  was out at Exxxotica and I had to get next to her  and feel on her booty her booty

Floyd Mayweather Says He Dumped his Ex Girl cause she " Aborted HIs Twins"


Floyd and His sexy ass Ex Girl Shantel Jackson suddenly broke up 2 months ago to most people's surprise. Now Floyd says that the reason he split with his longtime Fiance' was because she had an abortion

I know one thing!!  I need that Ms Jackson in my life

Rihanna NSFW pics that almost got her Instagram shut down


The never shy Rihanna recently did a Topless  Photo shoot  in Lui. The pics were put up on her Instagram uncensored.. The I.G hater police was all over it and issued Rihanna a warning  but of course  not quick enough for someone   to not have gotten the screen shots 

Nude Rihanna 1     Nude Rihanna 2  Rihanna Nude 3

Kate Upton " My ass Needs more Attention" Behind The Scenes look S.I Shoot

Right now Kate Upton is the new " IT" Girl. Everyone is always talking about her incredible bouncy boobs and her Cover girl face, Kate wants us all to know " Don't forget about my Booty"

The Brutal Fight at Supper Club with Game& T.I involved

A group of guys -- who we're told are "mutual acquaintances" of both Game and T.I. -- were denied entrance at Supper club. The guys began arguing furiously with security when one member of the posse threw a punch at a security guy.  You hear the punch at the beginning of the fight video.

So it was one of the those " Tough guy" security/bouncer suckas. You know every club got one. The one that wants to push everybody on the line direct them one way   does triple takes at your I.D  won't let you in  if you your dress code isn't to his liking. Tries to make you put your camera away and tell you   your not on the list  and you don't care who said you are  Those type of dudes

Those Bouncers Need There Ass Whooped

T.I and Game was out  at the Supper Club  when an incident occurred and L.A.P.D arrived and it was a full stand-off  with Game and T.I right in the middle   

  Game and T.I. In INTENSE Standoff
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