Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Black laverne and shirley,Finally a REALity show have you seen it?

Keya &Clawz is the new comedy show that will be appearing on the I.E network this spring. It is a show about to young African American females(not rich, not with executive jobs) grinding and struggling every day to get into the entertainment industry while holding down regular 9to5 jobs. Keya&Clawz are roomates who share a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn New York to save on money and cost. Keya works a regular office job(collections) while Clawz is a security guard in a depeartment store in downtown brooklyn.They struggle with the everyday”M” issues that black women and young women in general struggle with these days ,money,men,menstrual and makeup. The show is a throwback to the old laverne and shirley type sitcoms.(real sitcoms) and even more so because it’s dealing with thiese times in 2009. Keya&Clawz has already been dubbed”The Black laverne&shirley with a touch of friends yet in the interesting manner that these days “reality shows” seem to have on america. In the end you will see that the “black laverne& shirley will win over not just the african americans in society but all people these days who just miss turning on tv and seing that good old fashion comedy sitcom.


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