Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caviar" Speaks out on Ray J and His show

Elizabeth aka "caviar" formally of For the love of Ray-J has officially broken her silence To Heaven Hollywood and Blok-Tv. Ole "fish eggs" joined in with Blok-tv as they were doing a in studio session at strong island radio in Long island new york. Caviar dished it out and spoke on the subject of her getting eliminated for the first time and shed some light on the contrversal departure. Blok tv and Heaven Hollywood(of course who else) had the scoop first as the russian born model chimed in to the show. "Let me tell you what happen when the cameras went off" Liz buzzed she also said"She was totally shocked" about something and tune in to Blok-tv because tommorow they will have this interview in it's entierity. the first time a interview was broadcasted simultaineously for 4 websites


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