Monday, May 12, 2014

Breaking News: Solange Attacks Jay-z Over Jay-z Disrespecting Beyonce ( Video)

By now  you have all seen the surveillance video of Solange attacking Jay-z in a elevator  coming from the Met Gala.. well Sources very close to the situation has revealed  that Jay-z disrespected her sister Beyonce at the Met Gala and  Solange was telling Beyonce  You not gonna say something  but I am gonna say something." Solange apparently was taking up for Beyonce and scolding her about something she saw Jay-z do at the Met Gala..    The source says it may very well have something  to do  with The recent signing of Rihanna  who is now under the total control of Jay-z.  We will keep am eye on this story.  BTW Rihanna was present at the Gala.  DEVELOPING

Update:  A few people have said something a long the lines of Jay-z grabbing Beyonce  at the Gala after party  but I have yet to confirm that

Here is after the fight as all 3 leave the Elevator  watch as Beyonce' gets into car with her sister and Jay-z  gets into separate car

MY WORD:  Every time there is a  big fight in public  Rihanna and them platinum goodies is somewhere in the mist


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