Sunday, May 25, 2014

Charlie Sheen Vs Rihanna Twitter War continues


Charlie Sheen Rihanna

I don't think Rhi Rhi  ( as much as I love her) wants it publicly with Charlie Sheen. OK apparently Charlie was out at a resty the other night with his fiance Scottine  when he found out that Rihanna was there he sent over a request for the singer to meet his girl because she was a big fan. Charlie says but he was denied by the singer  because she said " there were to many paps outside  so not at this time"  Whoa!!!  That sent Charlie into a frenzy  on twitter and then a back and forth war of twitter  words. Check out what Charlie had to say about Rhi  and then her Response....

Charlie Sheen Twitter Rant

Rihanna's Twitter response

Well Charlie was not going to be quiet and returned this shot at Rihanna 

Charlie Responds To RIhanna

Do You think Rihanna was disrespectful in not meeting Charlie's Fiance?


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