Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rachel Roy,Rihanna or Both? The Reason Solange came to the defense of Her sister

The Theories Keep rolling in about what happen  to spark the fight between Solange and Jay-z inside the Elevator of the Standard Hotel but here is one that is pretty close to the one that e reported..     We previously were the first site reporting  that  this fight between Solange and Jay-z stemmed from a female maybe even  Rihanna  Remember? If you Forgot Click Here

We then got an  exclusive Dm from a party goer who attended the Gala and  after party at the Boom Boom Room and she confirmed our suspicions and even took it further  and recounted what Solange said to Beyonce  that night  Click Here If you Forgot

Now we get even more news  and now the story is starting to come together. Numerous sites reported earlier that night that Solange had an altercation with Rachel Roy designer and former wife of Dame Dash  Jay-z's former partner and friend..   additional reports say that Solange was mad saying that " Jay-z and Rachel was too close    hmmm  Click here

Rachel Roy & Gabby Union 


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