Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fraud Mayweather? Money Mayweather exposed!! engagement is a sham

A source within Floyd Mayweather, Jr.‘s inner circle has confirmed to BOSSIP exclusively what we suspected months ago: Mayweather’s surprise engagement to ‘model’ Shantel Jackson is no more than a publicity stunt crafted to undo some of the damage to Floyd’s public image.

Exclusive Mayweather 
According to our source, who asked to remain anonymous, Floyd’s engagement was a strategy he concocted with 50 Cent‘s help immediately following his domestic violence arrest in September.
“They are not getting married,” the source tells us. “Floyd and 50 Cent came up with it the day after he jumped on Josie Harris. [Shantel] has had that ring for two years now. Floyd met her in a club in Atlanta. She was a hoe/stripper with a pimp. She told Floyd she was a virgin and wouldn’t sleep with him ’til he bought her a car and fixed her mother’s roof. And Floyd did. She was 18 when he met her five year’s ago he kept her in hotel’s like the Suncoast in Summerlin, Las Vegas, about five minutes from his house [while] Josie lived with him.
“Josie moved to California three years ago, after NBA player Marcus Banks told her about Shantel and others. Floyd told her a year ago that if she moved back, they would get married. Shantel’s never even had a place down here in Vegas til a year ago. The day after the thing with Josie happened, Floyd had Shantel get a Twitter account and told everyone to pump her up. They’re on Twitter bribing people to follow her and telling them if to follow Shantel if they’re interested in modeling for ‘Mayweather Models’.”
The source also alleges Mayweather is currently involved with at least two other women: his assistant ‘Vegaz’ and a woman in her mid-thirties named Tasha, who happens to be the mother of Floyd’s son. “He just bought Vegaz a house and a car,” our informant tells us. “Tasha used to run Mayweather Promotions. And when Shantel was in Miami for a photo shoot after the arrest, Floyd had two models from Atlanta staying with him for a week. He sent them home the night she came back, but only after dropping $15,000 on them.”
Our insider also reveals that the friendship between Floyd and TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has gone beyond platonic on several occasions over the last three years.
The source also paints a picture of Mayweather as a self-absorbed “narcissist” who will spare no cost to control the people in his inner circle.
“Floyd has two paid best friends named James, aka Reala, and Rick. Both do nothing for Floyd but stay by his side 24/7, and they drive $100,000 cars and get around $10,000 a month. Rick, Reala, Vegaz and Shantel all live in the same lofts off of Las Vegas Boulevard; Floyd pays everyone’s rent. Shantel doesn’t care about any of this, as long as she and her family are taken care of.”
Mayweather, who faces four felony charges and just as many misdemeanor charges as a result of his domestic violence case, hasn’t exactly kept his nose clean since the incident happened. Earlier this week, a Vegas security guard filed an assault complaint following an altercation with Floyd in front of his home.
Just today, a friend and former employee accused Floyd of trying to run him off the road. Just last year, that same employee, Quincey Williams, made statements to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that seem to support our source’s claims: “He (Mayweather) feels like he’s entitled to do whatever he wants and get away with it. He wants to walk around and intimidate people like he’s some type of thug.”
Looks like cracks are starting to show in Pretty Boy Floyd’s cool.

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In Conclusion.............  Well Floyd it looks like whatever ducking and dodging you trying to has come back on you. Clean it up


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