Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rihanna says on Hot 97 " she popped off with Drake because she was fragile"

RihRih is still runnin’ her yap about the aftermath of her run in with Breezy’s fist… including how it made her too vulnerable to be more than f*ck buddies with Drake.
She tells Hot 97:

“We weren’t really sure what it was. We just went out — my friends, his friends. I definitely was attracted to Drake, but I think it is what it is, like it was what it was. We didn’t want to take it any further. It was at a really fragile time in my life, so I just didn’t want to get too serious with anyone or anything at that time.”
Riiiiight so the smash and dash was the move?
Apparently RihRih’s boo Mattypoo isn’t tripping off being Drizzy’s sloppy seconds either. When asked whether the baseball player was bothered by their video “What’s My Name?” Rih responded that Kemp was supportive.
“(Kemp) never said it out loud, but I don’t know what he’s thinking. He watched it the other day and he was like, “I love that video. It’s a great video babe. I don’t know how true that really was, but he seemed to like it.”
Good job Matty, support your lady and save the b*tcha*sness for your diary. You don’t want the rudegal to think you’re “fragile” too… GTFOH
Keep it real RihRih, you wanted to run through a few other folks before you settled down again.

 MY Word:

Ok Rhi Rhi I don't think with you having a new boyfriend and all that you should be going around talking about hooking up with Drake. I mean come on Rihanna i try to ride for you  but damn!!!

Rihanna and Drake


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