Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rihanna,Katy Perry &Kesha Dissed and Clowned Nicki Minaj

Ok we all saw Rihanna smack Nicki Minaj on the ass at the American music Awards. Well sources very very close to us said that Rihanna was clowning Nicki All night along with Katy Perry&Kesha. The bad part is Nicki who really didn't have another female backstage who she was close with and she thought Rihanna was befriending her. The source says Rihanna would say something toNicki and then when Nicki would turn her back Rihanna and the girls would make fun of Nicki and her fake ass saying that Nicki looked plastic. Nicki never caught wim of it we were told until the night was over.

Conclusion.... We will see what goes down with Nicki and Rihanna and try to get some confirmation from one of the 2 camps


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