Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funkmaster Flex Trying to explain his diss on Tupac

The other night Funkmaster Flex aka Dikryder aka fat faggot dissed Tupac while on stage. After days of repercussions and death threats. Fat ass Flex felt a need to justify himself. Listen to the comments 2pac made about flex (when he was alive) and Flex never said anything. Then check out the comments Flex says about 2pac now that he is dead (or at least not living in the United States)  Let me know what you think about this bitch move.

Now listen to how this Bitch ass nigga tries to justify himself. I am from New York and i know for a fact when Pac was talking not one New York nigga said anything except Mobb Deep  I give the Mobb credit. So flex I hope you don't go to the West Coast. Look How Flex tries to use another dead legend Biggie  to get the heat off him

Flex please my dude. You were obviously tired of the gay rumors and not being mentioned with DJ's Like Kay Slade and Tim Westwood so you felt the need to say something and get attention. Well I'm sure a full fledge apology will be coming shortly and then a full eternal "sucking of Pac's dick


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