Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lebron James purposely bump his coach? Uh oH Pat get ready to take over

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Did a frustrated LeBron James go out of his way to bump Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra during the Heat's loss to Dallas Mavericks Saturday night?
Or did a ticked-off Spoelstra deliberately try to walk through the King -- sending a message both to his struggling superstar and disappointing 9-8 team?
You be the judge. Check out this video via the Palm Beach Post of the two Alpha Males butting heads during a timeout in the Heat's 106-95 loss in Dallas.
The third quarter incident happens after another defensive breakdown by the Heat. Spoelstra comes on to the court. James walks toward the bench. Neither man tries to avoid the other. They bump. Hard. So hard Spoelstra's suit jacket almost comes off his right shoulder.
Maybe it's a deliberate push by one, the other, or both. Or maybe they're both so frustrated they're not paying attention. Either way, the Heat called a players-only meeting after the loss.
Things are heating up in Miami. But not the way LeBron & Co. thought they would.--Michael McCarthy

Judge for yourself

I say he did it out of frustration. I think Bron is not having the fun he used to have and this is not as easy as he thought it would be. Pat Riley get ready


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