Sunday, December 12, 2010

Billy Ray very "sad" about the Miley "bong" video

Billy Ray Cyrus spoke today about the video that surfaced of daughter Miley smoking the psychedelic herb salvia from a bong, tweeting, "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."
The Cyrus family has been going through rough times -- Billy Ray and wife Tish announced in late October that they were filing for divorce, amid rumors that Trish cheated with singer and family friend Bret Michael's.
Rumors surfaced last week that Miley is having trouble dealing with her parents' divorce, especially the coverage of the breakup.

No excuse Miley. I knew they would try and use this as an excuse. Miley wants attention I don't know how her dad is going to give it to her,maybe Billy Ray needs to whip out the Suntan lotion and get his Hulk Hogan  and Brooke Hogan on


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