Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remembering The Great Lennon 30 years later

 "life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans"
"John Lennon"

Lennon in the now

I was only 7 but i truly still remember the sadness that America felt. I don't remember the night they announced it on Monday night football even though I remember The Gif Howard Cosell and of course Don Meridith. I never listened to one Beatles album ever. However. I knew John Lennon I felt John Lennon. I knew from seeing my mother a African American woman crying over this death that it was much more than a death. It was a Travesty. 30 years later now as a 37 year old man. I hear the announcement on the You Tube clips of when Howard Cosell announced the death of Lennon and i cry. I cry now because I wasn't old enough to cry then, because I didn't know or recognize John but i know now and I can now feel the pain that America and my mother felt 30 years ago. R.I.P John Lennon and thank you.
Heaven Hollywood


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