Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Joe Budden is not the hottest Rapper right now

He has been called the New 2pac.He has been  called  Hip Hop's saviour, most underrated,misunderstood  emotional and other things. One thing that Joe Budden has accomplished is he has been able to make it so he is always talked about in some way. Weather it be good or bad,positive or negative he has found a way to stay relevant in the game of Hip Hop. His Joe Budden TV I can truly say saved his career because it got people interested in seeing Joey if only to see what he was going to do or say next. Then there were the fine video vixens/models. From  Gloria Velez to Tahiry to Somaya Reese to Esther Baxter. Joey kept the finest of the fine urban models around him and loving him. That made the women who didn't really feel joey like that start feeling him. That made dudes respect him that made dudes jealous of him that made everybody start paying more attention to Joe Budden. The public break-up with the now  recognizable  Tahiry Jose who will admit that she owes her now modeling,hosting career to Joe Budden who was the first to show her very large derriere on camera and she has taken off ever since..

  So you ask other than the obvious fact that joey refuses to sell his soul or bend over for some chris stokes executive to stick dick in his ass. what is it that is holding Joe Budden back from being mentioned in the same breath as the greats? why are people so reluctant to give the ever so talented Budden his props. Well there is one easy answer. HIS ATTITUDE. Budden has long walked around with this "mad Rapper" attitude and it has been that very same attitude that is keeping him from being the fan favorite and the person that people root for. I see fans of Joe Budden on twitter all day giving joey props,showing love posting his songs and mentioning him in tweets.

You rarely see Budden even acknowledge those fans. Bloggers including myself and other bloggers that have always went to back for Budden constantly get ignored,dissed or insulted by Budden online. I saw one white fan pouring out his heart to Joe online telling him how much he loved his music and thought that he was the best rapper. He said he has all his records all his Mood Musiks wanted Joe to simply sign his CD. If Joe couldn't do that he said "just give me a shout out on Twitter" Now the fan continued to re-tweet and re-tweet so I know Joe saw it. Buddens does not have 2 million followers or 1 million or even 500,000. So everyone knows Joe saw it. He never even bothered to give the kid a shout out. I know I myself have asked Budden several times for a measly radio interview I have had my managers ask him he never responded. I have tweeted him plenty of times.

The only time he ever responded to me was when he wanted to insult me about being a laker fan. This is the same argument i hear all over the world about Joe Budden. They think he is talented they know he can spit.However he has no respect for his fans.(the fans that he has he should appreciate) People have seen him going off on female supporters that probably a simple mention on twitter would have probably made their day. But not Joey. He is too concerned about the fans getting a few followers off the fact that he mentioned them once in a positive matter.I am done biggin up Joe and of course where other rappers,artist and celebs care I'm sure Joey could care less. Take some advice Mr Budden. At this point you should be happy that anyone still f..ks with you at all. What you have is a gift and you have the tools to be one of the greatest rappers ever. However you need to adjust that attitude my friend  because those who sweat themselves they might find themselves by themselves


Anonymous said...

Real Talk, me im a big Budden-fan, u can even hear it back in my own music,I like the fact he one of the few (if not only one) who totally pours his heart-n-soul out, not blocked by emotions or "maybe-i-shouldnt-say-or maybe-people-aint-supposed-to-know-ima-real-human-bein"type shyt, Joey alwyas been real 2 me, this type a news new 2 me tho since i dont follow him on a GOSSIP-level,i stick 2 the music and his music inspires me to do me,I care great bout my fans tho,cuz without them....where would i b?!

-Mo Micz-
*Grown Folk music out now at


Heaven Hollywood said...

so do i and i said that in my blog. I think joe buddens talent wise is a rare breed i think he is extremely underrated however he is kinda like the barry bonds of rap. very very talented but a dick in person

Anonymous said...

This was a great article and I think it is RIGHT on. I see the same things on twitter and i think that he is too busy being the new "Mad Rapper" to see the fans are on his side. Too bad for him. Dude can spit with the BEST.. thats no longer a secret but these days thats not enough..

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