Thursday, August 13, 2015

Did Kat Williams Kick Fine Ass Reality Star/Rapper Hazel E Packing?

One of the most oddest couples to circulate in Hollyhood over the past few months was Kat Williams and Hazel E. Rumors had it that Kat Williams was sprung over the much Younger reality star/rapper but now sources say Kat has ended his romance with Hazel. Here is the drop
According to an industry tipster 
“Katt just woke up one morning and suddenly recognized he was being like Captain Save-A-H*e. He told that b*tch to bounce with the quickness.” 

“Katt just dumped her and Hazel is already running around and f*cking n*ggas with Nikki Mudarris.” — Industry Tipster



MY WORD:   I Don't know if @hazelebaby is going around Fucking niggas but it is Possible @katwilliams  did wake up and dead her. Kat is  a very strange dude he is  inconsistent so that is possible. I know one thing  that is one fine woman that is single if this true. Anyone out there that got receipts hit me up       Source DHSK 


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