Saturday, August 15, 2015

J-Lo Flirting With Channing Tatum and Gets Curved

According to sources Jennifer Lopez has the hots for a very married Channing Tatum and Channing is actually curving J-Lo.WHAT!!! Curving J-Lo? Here is the drop 
If you Remember back In April J-Lo came across The Magic Mike actor  during her spot at MTV Awards. “Jennifer Lopez took  the reins  and told Channing " get to twerkin"  a source recalls. “J.Lo was none too pleased when the boys moved to the side of the stage to give her  a moment to say a speech ” Since then, sources say she’s been pushing up on a very married Channing Tatum — with Tatum “paying her no mind.”

My Word: Maybe J-Lo finally realized that she needs to find someone to replace the tranny chaser Casper Smart


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