Monday, August 17, 2015

Drake And One Of The Kardashian's?

Remember when Drake came to Kylie Jenner's 16th Birthday and he had dinner another time with Kanye and Kim and the Kardashian family? Remember how Kris Jenner gushed about Drake about how he was so charming and how  he was the type of man  that she would have dated and someone  she would love for her daughter to date? 
Well she may get that chance. According to a very very close source Kris has contacted Drake about taking Kourtney out on a date  to at least take her mind off Scott Disick. If you remember Kris was the one who asked Diddy (a guy she has been fuckin for years) did he have someone for Khloe, that is why French Montana started seeing Khloe . So here is the drop

" Kourtney and Drake has spoke on the phone several times in  the past week and they are trying to set up a date  Drake and Kourtney both want to keep this quiet so they are thinking about having this meeting/date out of the country preferably Canada. Drake has reportedly offered Kourtney to stay at his condo in Toronto when she comes  and the two are definitely planning to link up"

MY WORD: It's funny but the rumor was that Momma Kris had smashed Drake, that would be interesting because as we know in the industry Kris and Diddy are very close and they have got it on on multiple occasions


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