Thursday, August 13, 2015

So Benzino's Daughter Threatens Rihanna?

benzino daughter

Benzino here is some advice,Grab your daughter,give her a hug,and put her in the Scared Straight program because according to sources she is OUT THERE. Looks like she was on social media last night intoxicated or high or both and was posting tweets on Rihanna's Page Threatening 
To eat her Booty hole (get in line hoe)

benzino daughter

Here is the drop  Benzino is so busy starting a new family with his pregnant girlfriend Althea Heart, he hasn’t even realized his teenage daughter, Coi Leray, is getting drunk and lit on social media!

My WORD: I be seeing benzino on social media snapping pics of his older daughter. She looks like she may be playing for the other team. I have heard some not so nice things about her  so Benzino better nip that in the bud  early


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