Friday, August 14, 2015

"Superhead' Karrine Steffans: Drake has Ghostwritten For Wayne

I have said over and over before that if you think  a rapper who is very successful  writes 100% all of his rhymes,every verse,every time? then I have some fried Ice cream to sell you. Yes if you are grinding, not really a superstar yet of course you do, You got plenty of time too, But a brand? a superstar? that has been on top for years and years? No not in this day in age. Superhead Karrine
Steffans  who is probably the biggest Lil Wayne groupie/fan says the very same thing That i have been telling you people since this entire " Drake doesn't write his own rhymes stuff  came out"
Check out what Karrine says in this interview  with Vlad TV  she says that Drake has actually written for Wayne in the Past and that Wayne feels as though Drake is now better than Him


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