Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kendall & Kylie To Leave KUWTK And Get there own reality Show

 Kylie and Kendall Jenner Picture

Right now Kylie Jenner might be the Hottest female on the planet and Kendall Jenner isn't to far behind. The two have been seen together and hanging out together much more lately and that is because allegedly they are both planning on leaving KUWTK once there current contract is over . The Sisters
Realize that  Kim is really the only one probably more popular than them  with their father Caitlyn loosing steam  fast. A source says' The girls know that Kim is now on her second child and the rumor has it that after this current contract is up Kim would  really be taking a step backwards out of the spotlight ( she is turning 34 years of age )  The story lines of the show without Kim would be unwatchable and Kendall and Kylie already have plans for there A show with the Two yonngest sister would undoubtedly pick up where Keeping Up With The Kardashian left off  and I'm hearing Kris,Kim,Kourtney and Khloe would all produce the show 


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