Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Nicki Minaj Scared Of Meek Mill? No more Expressing Herself

Meek Mill has already shown his Insecurities in having a relationship with Nicki Minaj by telling her " there will be no more lap dances and kisses with other rappers or label mates" He made sure Nicki Knew that it would not be like it was with her Ex Boyfriend Safaree Samuel who seem to stay out of the way and let Nicki be herself, helping her build the brand that she is today. However Meek is a controlling

Insecure dude who knows in his heart "he has no business being with someone the status of Nicki Minaj. In his past relationships it has been reported that Meek was very controlling with his Child's mother  and a lot of people within the camp seem to think that Nicki may be afraid to speak back to Meek.  " Sometimes she seems as though she is afraid  of him" Says a source who did not want to be identified.  Nicki has not spoken to Drake in Months and besides bringing out Lil Wayne recently during  her tour where she sent him off with a brotherly type hug (as opposed to her traditional kiss on the lips)  She has not really been in contact with him either,

Do You think Nicki is afraid to break it off with Meek Mill?


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